11mm SafetyPro Static Rope

The SafetyPro static ropes are specifically designed to meet the needs of rope access personnel. These 100% nylon static ropes hit the sweet spot for durability, elongation and knot-tying ability: essential characteristics for work-at-height. The SafetyPro series is among the most popular tools for professional rope access technicians, tower, wind turbine, and industrial workers.

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Designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of rope access applications, the 11mm SafetyPro Static Rope has a robust combination of elongation, durability, and ability to securely hold a knot, all of which are critical for work done at height.

Ropes in the SafetyPro series are regularly used by rope access technicians for work on towers, wind turbines, high-rises, bridges, and more. The smooth but firm sheath lets the rope run easily through gear.

Available Lengths: 165′, 200′, 300′, 600′, 660′ | 50, 61, 92, 183, 200 m. Designed to comply with EN 1891: Type A.