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Why use rope access methods for sign and graphic installation?

Rope access presents multiple advantages for work done at height, especially in terms of efficiency, accessibility, safety, and cost.

Efficient setup and teardown

Rope access is easy to set up and tear down compared to other access methods like scaffolding, which involves more steps that increase the amount of necessary manpower and, by extension, the cost of the project. Due to the lower levels of site disruption, the process is more environmentally friendly while significantly reducing the potential for damage.


Rope access enhances the effectiveness of your sign installation project because the installers can move around corners, billboard frames, along rooftops, under bridges, and more. By using specific anchors, we can access the most challenging areas without compromising on safety or delaying the schedule.


    At Rope Contractors, our team consists of high-trained professionals who use rope access methods certified by IRATA and SPRAT. They are prepared for any potential emergencies and trained in all necessary rescue procedures. For added safety, we use a two-rope system that provides a failsafe backup while we work on your sign.


    With rope access, there is no need for scaffolding, bucket trucks, lifts, and other access methods that increase your overhead costs and labour hours. Without the added preparation and cleanup steps, the final cost of your project is substantially reduced.

    Changing the Future Of Sign Installations

    Large signs and graphics are attention-grabbing visuals that you can’t help but notice. A magnificent billboard along a highway leading downtown, a brightly-coloured banner cascading smoothly down the side of a high-rise, vinyl window signs that proudly advertise a company’s headquarters: these are all examples of advertising art that can be completed safely and efficiently with rope access.

    Rope Contractors specializes in high-level rope access sign and graphic installation. Through our display division, Hi-Vis Media Installations, we carry out a wide range of services, including billboards, window vinyl signage, and the positioning of banners and flags.

    Our trained and qualified rope technicians can safely and effectively install signs and graphic displays of any size and at any height. Our affordable branding exposure options include:

    • Billboards of varying sizes
    • Large-scale banners made from vinyl or open weave mesh
    • Durable PVC signs
    • Murals
    • Custom graffiti art

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    At Rope Contractors, we take great pride in our high-rise sign and graphic installation capabilities. Although they involve challenges that go beyond normal sign installation, such as structure access and worker and public safety, these landmark visuals are iconic branding opportunities that literally elevate your image.

    Rope Contractors will complete your sign or graphic installation job to your specifications, with no costly mistakes or delays. Our rope technicians are highly experienced with all sign types and can work at extreme heights to make your message as big and bold as you want it. For more information, please contact us today.