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Wind Turbine Services

Rope Contractors offers wind turbine maintenance services that increase power efficiency and maximize profits.

Blade Repair & Rotor Servicing

Wind turbines in Western Canada are prone to damage from dust storms, erosion, and faulty lightning protection systems. Our certified rope access technicians can repair all types of blade damage and service rotor blades so that they maintain peak efficiency.

Tower Cleaning

Dirt and oil accumulation can affect wind turbine performance and inspire complaints to municipal authorities. Rope Contractors provides efficient and cost-effective tower cleaning services that increase the turbine lifespan and result in fewer public complaints.

Turbine Inspection

Wind turbines need to be thoroughly inspected at various stages during their life cycle, namely after manufacturing, storage, transportation, or any suspected damage, as well as on a routine maintenance schedule. Rope Contractors technicians will carry out thorough internal and external inspections and recommend any necessary repairs or parts replacements.

Structural Services

We assist engineers, building owners, and project managers in completing challenging structural maintenance and installation projects in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Bridge Maintenance

Bridges connect our society, so it is imperative that they be in good working order. Rope Contractors works with engineers and governing bodies to increase the longevity of these bridges by providing protective coatings, annual cleanings, and general maintenance services. Our premium services remove the need for heavy lift equipment, snooper and bridge maintenance trucks.

Building Maintenance

We work with building owners and property managers to repair and maintain their condominiums and commercial towers. Our maintenance services include caulking, sealing, window repair, concrete repair, dusting, cleaning, and other procedures that preserve building quality and inspire tenant satisfaction.

Anchor Inspection

Our anchor inspections adhere to the rigorous standards and procedures set by Occupational Health & Safety and signed by a professional engineer.

Painting & Coating

We serve both commercial and industrial businesses with high-quality painting services. All painting materials and techniques are selected to meet the needs of the individual project. We ensure that the painting surface is properly prepared to guarantee the best possible adherence of the paint, as well as a clean finish.

Sign Installation

Elevate your brand to new heights! With nearly a decade in the industry, our sign division, Hi-Vis Media Installations, specializes in sign and graphic installations. By using rope access, Hi-Vis Media has pioneered installation techniques that allow our clients to save on costs while maintaining a high visual standard.

Window Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaners, our window cleaning division, works on condominiums and commercial buildings to provide tenants with a streak-free view. Our rope technicians have a range of techniques, allowing them to cover more windows in a shorter amount of time, including those in hard-to-reach places.

Benefits Of Using Our Rope Access Services


Rope Contractors is a proudly Canadian-owned and SPRAT-certified company offering rope access services to clients across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship, excellent safety record, and creative solutions for challenging access problems.

Our team has the background and experience to handle complex jobs, such as the following:

  • Wind turbine servicing, cleaning, and inspection
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Anchor inspections
  • Sign installation
  • High-rise window cleaning
  • Commercial and industrial painting and coating
  • Industrial rope access support services 

Whether you need to apply protective coating to a widely-used bridge, do routine maintenance on a wind turbine, or clean the windows of a city center high rise, Rope Contractors will find ways to safely reach the most difficult places and do a job that exceeds your expectations, not your budget.

Excellent Tradesmen

The skilled technicians at Rope Contractors can solve complex access problems where conventional methods are impossible, impractical, or too costly. Once a solution has been identified, they have the capabilities to carry out a wide range of tasks, from inspections and installations to painting and repairs.

Our composite crews include qualified personnel in multi-disciplined trades, in-house engineers, and experienced rope technicians who are certified to the following standards:

  • The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT)
  • The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA)

These certifications prove that the tradespeople you’ve hired can safely use rope access cleaning, maintenance, and repair methods, which are both environmentally friendly and minimally disruptive.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

The certified tradespeople at Rope Contractors can start and finish projects more quickly than those who rely on traditional access methods. Since there is no bulky scaffolding to set up and take down, the total spent on a specific scope of work is reduced and all tasks are completed in an expedient manner, reducing overall downtime.

High Safety Standards

At Rope Contractors, safety is our number one priority. The rope access techniques we use are safer than traditional methods. Our technicians work in teams and can assist one another if an incident occurs. Their tools are securely attached to their harnesses, so there’s very little chance of a falling tool injuring people on the ground. Their specialized training also includes rescue techniques, and their harnesses reduce the risk of injury from suspension trauma.