Rope Contractors Core Values


At Rope Contractors, we specialize in providing access to challenging areas. From overhead sign installation to building anchor inspection, high-rise window cleaning, and highly skilled bridge maintenance services, our rope technicians provide safe and effective solutions for work that needs to be done at height. Our services are thorough and competitively priced, without compromising on quality or safety.

We offer government offices, project managers, and property owners a full range of services, from simple painting, maintenance, and cleaning at height to turbine cleaning, bridge repairs, and roof anchor inspections. Using minimal equipment compared to alternative methods like scaffolding, our team will help you achieve your objectives in a quick, safe, and affordable manner.

Experience has shown us that every company and property has different needs, so we aim to package our abilities into a service that’s perfect for you. When a project has special challenges or particulars that call for an especially resourceful touch, Rope Contractors will come through for you every time.


Safety is a top priority at Rope Contractors. It is ingrained in the way we work and ensured by our tested access techniques and state-of-the-art rope and safety gear. We observe stringent health and safety procedures across every aspect of our business.

We are regulated within North America by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) and on a global scale through the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). This means that our technicians have all mastered specific safety techniques and rescue guidelines.


Rope Contractors is committed to delivering high-quality cleaning, installation, repair, and inspection services to a wide range of industries. Using a partnership-based approach, we work with you to build long-term relationships. The goal is to build a strong foundation upon which growth and success can continue for the benefit of our company and yours.

We observe a Quality Management System that delivers the framework and consistency needed to support our business objectives, which include quality services and performance at a reasonable price. Our services are also being regularly updated and improved to ensure we continue to meet and exceed your expectations.


Our clients appreciate our progress and efficiency, making us a leader access provider for high-rise managers, engineers, wind turbine technicians, construction crews, sign installers, and other professional tradespeople.

If you’re in need of skilled and professional rope access services across Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, we have all of the expertise and equipment needed to make your next project a success. Our years of experience in the rope access industry ensure that our customers always receive successful outcomes and the community enjoys all the benefits of our high and exacting standards.

Learn how rope access can benefit your next project

At Rope Contractors, we regularly evaluate new ways in which the rope method can overcome access and safety issues for different industries. If you have a job that normally requires scaffolding, lifts, or cranes, contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.