Commercial Anchor Inspections

Commercial building anchors provide practical, safe, and permanent anchoring solutions for window cleaning, facade maintenance, and building repairs. In their simplest form, they are a critical link between the party working at height and the building structure.


Anchors serve as fall protection providers during the following applications:

  • High-rise window washing
  • Window inspections and repairs
  • Sealing and caulking application or repair
  • Building and facade maintenance

Rope access technicians use commercial building anchors for fall restraint and fall arrest when doing external work at heights too significant to safely accommodate ground-level supports like ladders. Standard anchors include a wide variety of sizes, materials, and finishes and can be installed on concrete, brickwork, steel, suspended ceilings, and cavity walls.

If you own or manage a building where single-point suspension equipment is used for work like window cleaning and facade repairs, your obligations include:

  • Confirming that all anchor points are suitable for the intended application before letting them be used.
  • Make sure that all defective anchor points are repaired before any suspension work is done.
  • Arrange for the inspection of all anchor points, including but not limited to rope stops, stabilizer systems, monorail systems, and davit bases.

With due diligence and duty of care becoming increasingly stringent, building owners and managers need to be confirm that their access and fall protection systems are safe to use. Rope Contractors will carry out the following services to ensure that the building anchors on your commercial building provide acceptable degrees of fall protection for suspended access applications.

  • Annual anchor inspections carried out in accordance with all applicable standards.
  • Load testing of the system to confirm that the system’s functionality and integrity have not been compromised by years of use.
  • Recommending work procedures for the operation, maintenance and inspection of your access systems.

All of our personnel are fully qualified to create and carry out rescue plans so that the inspection job is completed with minimal risk.

Commercial Anchor Replacements

If your commercial anchors are eroded or damaged and need to be replaced, Rope Contractors can arrange for new anchors made from engineered, tested, and certified components. Benefits include:

  • Exposed stainless steel construction, ensuring longer working life even in intense weather environments.
  • 360° integrity, allowing the anchor support rope movement in any direction. The result is greater freedom of movement for the rope technicians and easier completion of more difficult applications.
  • Increased flexibility and solid safety for workers while positioning or controlling the location of ropes.
  • Support for multiple installation options, such as adhesive, through-bolt, pour-in-place, or weld-in-place, ensuring compatibility with your building structure.
  • All anchor connectors are completely sealed and leak-proof for greater product longevity.
  • May be provided with aluminum and stainless steel cap flashings for simpler and tighter sealing to the membrane of the roof.

For more information regarding our commercial anchor inspection services, please contact Rope Contractors to schedule an inspection and estimate at your convenience.